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[info]datasetmod [Jun. 14th, 2018|04:14 pm]
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FULL NAME: Victoria Louise Hand
NICKNAMES: Vic, Legs, Tori (All by Iz only, others might get away with Vic or Tori depending on the situation)
AGE / DOB: 38 | Jan 25
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

BLOCK / ROOM: Delta 815
JOB: Defense


PRIMARY MOTIVATION: Annoy the hell out of Iz, Felix & Jasper To protect the innocent and save as many people's lives as possible
DEEPEST FEAR / INSECURITY: To be seen as 'just a woman' and therefore weak and incapable of succeeding
LIKES: wine, isabelle, books, baths, champagne, in jokes, warm weather, having fun, going out with Iz, chocolate, rules, hard workers, equality, women, long walks, beach, watching the sunrise/sunset, national parks/secluded areas, her family in law (esp her nephew),
DISLIKES: people slacking off, people being handed things for 'favourites', people flouting the rules, unnecessary risks especially if they result in death, mess, having to play rolls, bigotry, cheese, olives, people assuming things about her,
FAVORITE TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: work: - how to do the job well, what rules to follow, how much coffee is left in the machine, in jokes
person: - teasing iz, latest movies, family, wine, in jokes, politics

WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THIS CHARACTER? WHAT PERSONAL CONFLICTS DO YOU WANT TO EXPLORE IN-GAME: She's my one true love? I have 50 gazillion head canons for her? (Ask Tara!) I adore her to pieces? Seriously. She's like my all time favourite and I really really adore playing her but I have had a hard time getting to work in games and I'm super hopeful she will work in this one cause of the cast. She needs to deal with the fallout of SHIELD (she knows about Jasper, plotted with Christie), not having Iz here and not knowing what happened to her won't be easy but having bb!SHIELD agents and others here will be good. Also she'll need to work through the whole not trusting people easily thing with scenarios. I'm trying to enable Tara to app Iz. I just want to give her the lvoe she deserves? GDI Marvel how dare you do what you do? Sobs forever.

When you look at Victoria you see an air of confidence about her, an air of someone who knows exactly what she wants. Growing up as an only child to parents who were involved in politics, she spent a lot of time alone learning how to fend for herself. She turned herself to books and her school work. Victoria didn't find herself all that taken with English and Sciences but Maths from a very young age held her attention. The rules of it appealed to her, appealed to her sense of order.

All her life, Victoria has had a strong sense of right and wrong, of doing what was expected of her. She watched her parent's co-workers be surrounded by scandals and how it ruined her life. Beyond that, the lessons of 'follow the law, have a good moral compass' was drilled into her from a young age. That doesn't mean she hasn't always does the best or right thing but those times have been few and far between. She was taught to respect authority and even now when she is in a position of authority herself she will still follow the rules and lessons set out by other people. In her mind, if they succeeded in gaining a successful, high position then what they must do should generally be the correct thing to do - unless they break the rules set out of course.

Despite being bound by rules, if someone does break them and manages to reduce the death rate she won't be mad though she won't admit it. She will grill them about breaking the rules and why they did it but in the end she'll be grateful for not having more blood on her hands. As head of Operations, she knows that it falls back on her. Very few people realise just how much having people live mean to her. While many people think she is a minimalist due to seeing agents as expendable it's more that she has faith in their abilities. If things go wrong, while she knows that having more people on the ground could help, it could often mean more deaths. In her own way by sending less agents in she's trying to save their lives.

Victoria is the best organizer and multi-tasker that you can find. She thrives when she is busiest. While as a child she was always a bit of a perfectionist and hard worker, joining SHIELD and reaching the position that she has today as Head of Operations, has taught her to take it to the extreme. As a minority - while a lot more accepted in today's society - in a situation that while there is a lot of females it is still got a very male dominated aspect to it has meant that she's learned to shield herself, to build walls around herself and to stop other people getting close to her.

Hand is very much a realist. She knows that people die, she knows as a woman that she has more scrutiny on her than her male counterparts and she knows if something goes wrong she will most likely be the one blamed due to her position. She strives to be the absolute best, not to allow anyone to question why. She'll follow the rules, she'll expect others too as well. Due to her enforcement of the rules many co-Agents, especially males, seem to see her as a stickler, stick in the mud and various other unkind things. Women know it is her way of surviving but even then some of them think she should allow herself to think outside of the box more than she does. The problem Victoria has in thinking outside of the box, the last time she did so, someone close to her died due to her actions, something she has never allowed herself to forget.

If there is one thing that she hates is people being handed something just because of who they are or who they know. Victoria has worked hard to end up where she is and she expects everyone else to do the same. She knows she's not one of Fury's favourites but she can't helped be rankled by just how much they get away with or handed to them because of who they are. She understands secrecy and believes the work that SHIELD does is absolutely necessary to make the world a better place but the treatment that Coulson received after he was revived is exactly the sort of thing she hates. She just doesn't understand why he was handed exactly what he wanted, just because he was dead for eight seconds and was one of Fury's pet agents.

No she isn't jealous. Not at all. She will just keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't get away with too much.

Very few people know Victoria outside of work. She has tried incredibly hard to separate her personal life and work life. While there might be one or two co-workers she considers friends she very rarely blurs the line. Of course, she doesn't have much of a life outside of work due to the secretive nature of it and the amount of hours that she does put in. She has a couple of close friends but that's about it. When she is home, she finds herself reading various books, watching movies and enjoying a glass of wine. She'll go for hikes or sit in secluded places allowing herself to disconnect from the world around her, to focus on things other than work.

Victoria has always taken great pride in her appearance. She's loved clothes and dressing up for as long as she can remember. She always takes great care to appear neat and well presented. Her suits are always the best that she can buy, without a wrinkle or any stains. The only bit of personality that shines through are the red streaks in her hair. She knows a lot of people at work wonder why she has them but since she's a teenager, she's always dyed them various colours just because she could.

Growing up, Victoria knew she liked girls from her early teen years. Unfortunately it was something she never really could open up about. Turning thirteen in the 80s, when the world associated AIDs with gays, she really couldn't announce that she she liked girls. By the time she was twenty she would eventually tell her parents but other than the occasional girlfriend only one friend knew the truth. Victoria grew up keeping it a secret and while today she knows that it doesn't have to be per se she's so used to keeping it a secret she just doesn't advertise it. She's also somewhat worried about what would happen to her job if it was discovered she was a Lesbian.

Victoria, since the age of fifteen, has suffered from mild anxiety. In many ways it doesn't appear these days but she still has a couple of triggers for it. While her personality is very much built upon self protective walls a tiny part of it is due to her anxiety. During her late teens and early twenties, if she had to much time on her hands she would find herself trying to figure out what she could to prevent her friends death, so she turned to her work more than she might have. It's a habit that she's struggled to break and as mentioned previously her job has meant that she work has made this habit worse instead of better. She still takes medication for it but very few people are actually aware of this.

Most of all though Victoria is loyal to SHIELD through and through and would give her life for her work if it means protecting SHIELD and all it stands for. She will never allow an innocent to suffer if she could do something to prevent it. Despite that she can make the hard call, the call to retreat if it means having Agents live but at the same time she can and will make the decision to send them forward even if it means that some of them die. She doesn't like it and probably never will but she will do it. These are the days that she will go home to her friend, drink wine and watch crappy movies or go for a long walk in order to disassociate the events of the operation.


Victoria was the only child born to Maryann and Louis Hand. Maryann was a socialite and house wife while Louis worked in local Government who slowly rose through the ranks until he reached the role of Attorney General for the state by the time Victoria turned ten. During her childhood both, before and after this, Victoria was raised by nannies a lot due to how much her father worked and her mother was often out with friends. She had a bit more to do with her than her father though.

Victoria had always been smart, her parents had taught her to read and count before she school. She didn't have many friends though there were children she spent time around, she found that they annoyed her. They were silly. Who wanted to spend their time playing dolls and tea parties when there was reading and the entire world to explore - other worlds too in books for that matter. Victoria loved running around, finding new places of interest and just generally being outdoors. Her favourite place to go was the park. She had no problems in letting other children know exactly what she thought of them and their silly, childish behaviours, ignoring the fact that she was a child too. She always thought she was more mature than the other children and in many ways she was.

She might not have fully understood everything that was happening around her but her father taught her a valuable lesson by the time she started school. Everyone watched and judged each other so you had to be on your best behaviour at all times in order not to be embarrassed. As she grew older, her father would point out examples of his co-workers both in the state and other states of what would go wrong when one didn't follow this rule. To such a young mind she took this as the best way to protect herself was to stop other people from getting to close to her. Her parents encouraged her to make friends and she might have had one or two but they were 'school friends', people she would spend time with at lunch but rarely saw outside of school. To her that was fine even at such a young age.

Skipping her third year, Victoria continued to excel in school throughout the years. By the time she turned thirteen, many of the girls in her year where getting boyfriends or at least showing interest in them. She didn't. What she wanted was to kiss a girl, to feel what their breasts felt like under her hands. It scared her. She knew what it was, she knew that she was 'gay' but with the recent AIDs scare and the general stance of people looking down on people who liked their own gender she didn't speak of it. She tried flirting with guys but it just didn't work. After graduating school, she slowly started to find the local lesbian community where she found people of like minded interests. People were slowly starting to come around and weren't connecting AIDs to homosexuality so much anymore, people were starting to be fine but it still wasn't something that she spoke about.

After dating Melinda for six months though she finally opened up to her parents and her best friend Cassie who all admitted they had figured it out ages ago. They respected her decision though her father, to her annoyance, said it better not impact on his role as Attonery General for the state. She'd rolled her eyes at that.

Going to Yale was perhaps one of the best things for her. She got away from everyone who knew her father and could be herself. Studying Accounting, she was constantly towards the top of her year. During her years at College she got involved in local activist groups, tried to convince everyone to make the world a better place and was constantly involved in protests for equal and fair treatment of everyone including the LGBT groups. Her parents didn't truly like this as they thought she should be focusing sorely on her work. She believed in what she was doing and knew it was right so she kept doing it.

After graduating from Yale, it came time to find a job. She ended up in a small Accounting firm for a couple of months before she was approached by SHIELD to join their Accounting team. After grilling them - secret government agency? She wasn't sure about that - about all that they stood for, what it would involve she eventually agreed. She might not like the thought of it being a secret agency but she knew what they did was right and she fully agreed with what they stood for.

Working at SHIELD, Victoria quickly made a name for herself as an Accountant and someone who could keep her mouth shut and do what she was supposed to do. Before she knew it, she'd been given level five access, a crash course in self defense and was moved into Operations at the Hub where they worked on planning the missions. It was challenging and exciting and an area she thrived in. It did annoy her that people would go off book in missions, endangering everyone but at that moment there was very little that she could actually do. As she rose through the ranks she found that she had more and more say in missions and how people behaved. While her love of rules annoyed the agents she worked with a lot, she gained a reputation who could do the work, do it well and do it quickly while managing various hostile and hot situations at once.

It therefore wasn't long until she rose to Level 8 and took over as Director of Hub Operations.

Victoria quickly took all the workers at the Hub to task in order to improve them. She was well known to expect the highest work from them and would do her absolute to make sure they provided her with that. Not only would it make their life easier but the running of SHIELD in general would be better.

With the reveal of HYDRA, Victoria took control of SHIELD 616 thinking Coulson was the Clairvoyant before the discovery that it was Garret. When she arrived here she was in the proess of escorting Garret to the Fridge and had just handed Ward her gun to have the opportunity to shoot the real Clairvoyant.

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CANON POINT: Agents of SHIELD 1x17
PB: Saffron Burrows


NAME: Alex
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